1. fall behind: 뒤처지다, 낙오하다

2. delection:  (염색체, 유전자 일부의) 缺失

3. vacancy:
job vacancy:
vacanr properties
a vacancy of staff
Do you have a vacancy?
fill a vacancy
We have a vacancy in the personal department

4. transaction: [n] A transaction is piece of business.for example act of buy or selling something

5. belch
 [v] 1. If someone belches, they make a sudden noise in their throat because air has risen up   from  their stomach.    Garaland coverd his mouth with his hand and belched directly.
2. If machine or chimey belches something such as smoke or fire or if somoke or fire belches from it arge amounts of smoke or fire come from it.=emit  Tried old trucks was struggling up the road below as belching black smoke.  Suddenly, clouds of stream to belch from the engine.

6. apprentice [N]An apprentice is a young person who works for someone in  order to learn their skill
 He left school at 15 and trained as an apprentice carpenter

7. impel [V]~sb(to sth)(of a feeling an idea,etc)to force or urge sb to do sth
 She is impelled by a desire to change the social system.
 impellent n.a.

8. avenue: a way of approaching or making progress towards sth ³
 Several avenues are open to us.

9. sign a form: 서식에 서명하다

10. account holder: 계좌 보유자

11. measure: 조치

문맥에 맞는 단어를 고르세요
primarily,vacancy,fall behind,heat,transaction
We have a (               ) in personnel department.
Insolvent enterprises will  (               )  in the competition.
What does the first paragraph (               ) discuss?
Other terms of the (               ) were not disclosed.       * 그 외의 거래 조건들은 밝혀지지 않았다.
The (               ) is steaming out of the woods          

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